Who is NewDay USA?

NewDay USA is a VA-approved mortgage lender, which provides financial solutions to U.S. Veteran homeowners and their families. Led by a retired Navy Rear Admiral, we’re proud to have on our board of advisors and management team distinguished Veterans. Our mission is to make sure Veterans and their families have access to valuable VA benefits they’ve earned, and talk with them about ways to achieve the financial security they deserve.

How can I opt out of receiving mail from NewDay USA?

If you are receiving mail from NewDay USA and you would prefer not to, please send an email to RFL@NewDayUSA.com. The subject of your email should read " Remove from list", your email should include your name, address where you are receiving mail, and the NewDay USA reservation number from a piece of mail you have received. Please note, due to the mailing cycle, it may take 3-4 weeks for you to stop receiving mail from NewDay USA.